Vocational Assessments are very important in determining alternate occupations for disabled individuals.  At IMPACT MEDICAL INC. our Vocational Assessments provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of occupational alternatives consistent with physical limitations. 

With over 5000 locations to serve you , IMPACT MEDICAL INC. is your first choice for Functional Capacity Evaluations.  Our computerized FCE's and proprietary software create a  product that is unique to the industry. 

Vocational Assessments


We provide Nurses to attend Independent Medical Examinations  (IME's) to observe and document the examination. A comprehensive report outlining the exam is provided. 



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          Making an IMPACT on your Claims 

​​We offer Neuropsychological Evaluations nationwide by board certified Neuropsychologists. These evaluations are designed to quantify cognitive deficits that would impact an individuals ability to perform meaningful work on a consistent and reliable basis.

​​​​​Are you tired of FCE's that don't delvier measurable outcomes ?

At Impact Medical FCE's are our CORE Business.

We are FCE Experts.
 That's why we decided to share our EXPERTISE with you.