​​​​​Are you tired of FCE's that don't delvier measurable outcomes ?

At Impact Medical FCE's are our CORE Business.

We are FCE Experts.
 That's why we decided to share our EXPERTISE with you. 

Vocational Assessments are very important in determining alternate occupations for disabled individuals.  At IMPACT MEDICAL INC. our Vocational Assessments provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of occupational alternatives consistent with physical limitations. 

With over 5000 locations to serve you , IMPACT MEDICAL INC. is your first choice for Functional Capacity Evaluations.  Our computerized FCE's and proprietary software create a  product that is unique to the industry. 

Vocational Assessments


We provide Nurses to attend Independent Medical Examinations  (IME's) to observe and document the examination. A comprehensive report outlining the exam is provided. 

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​​We offer Neuropsychological Evaluations nationwide by board certified Neuropsychologists. These evaluations are designed to quantify cognitive deficits that would impact an individuals ability to perform meaningful work on a consistent and reliable basis.